S&Bs Precision Cleaning & Oiling Kit allows you to properly maintain your vehicle's high performance air filters by precisely applying the correct amount of oil. No matter what you roll with, this kit can help you take care of it.

The clearly marked, smooth-trigger bottle and easy-to-use applicator allow you to measure and apply the proper amount of oil for each application. The process of cleaning and refreshing your air filter shouldn't be a terribly difficult one, but the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oil Service Kit makes it as simple as it can be. Better still, the reusable storage box makes sure you stay organized and keeps your work space free of clutter, and both Red and Blue Oil options are available to perfectly match your filter.

Rest assured, extensive testing has go into making sure the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oil Kit can be used on most high performance filters available today. Take care of yours and get the most out of it.