If you're the type who isn't satisfied with run-of-the-mill air intakes and would like to build your own, look no further than the Airaid UBI Universal Air Intake System. The Airaid U-Build-It Air Intake truly brings out the "fabricator" in you. It includes every piece you need to build your own custom air intake to your own specifications.

Airaid UBI Air Intakes are available in a variety of styles to suit your engine. Master Kit I Intakes are optimized for engines that take in less than 1300 CFM of air flow, and the Master Kit II is designed for high power, high-cubic-inch engines that demand up to 1700 CFM of air. They're also available with a range of tubes from 3 to 4 inches and your choice of a 6 or 9-inch intake (9-inch only for Master Kit II models). The Airaid UBI Custom Intake System includes a length of tube that you can cut to the sizes you need, a full set of clamps and joints to assemble the proper angles to fit in your engine bay, and an Airaid Air Filter to provide plenty of clean air flow.

Build your own custom air intake and get the most out of your engine. Your Airaid UBI Universal Air Intake System is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.