Airflow = Power. That's one equation you don't need a degree in mathematics to understand. But achieving higher airflow is a lot more complicated - that's why the Banks Ram-Air Intake is expertly engineered to provide intense airflow to your engine, for mind-boggling gains in horsepower and torque.

The Banks Ram-Air Intake opens up the restrictions that choke your stock vehicle. Its giant inlet and tubing allow for massive, unified airflow that doesn't get broken up like it does with your factory intake. The Banks Ram-Air Intake also cools the air coming into your engine, making it denser. This added oxygen leads to more efficient combustion in your engine, which means more power for you.

The air coming into your engine needs to be clean as well as cool, so Banks includes a high-flow cone filter with your Ram-Air Intake. The 8-ply Banks air filter blocks engine-damaging dust and debris while allowing massive air flow to come through. This filter is easy to clean and reusable for life.

The Banks Ram-Air Intake is easy to install and can be done right in your driveway. It even works with your stock sensors. If you want even more airflow to your engine, add the Banks Super-Scoop Ram Air Kit to your Ram-Air Intake. Your Banks Ram-Air Intake System is backed with a 5 Year Warranty, with a Lifetime Warranty on the filter.