When you bolt on a K&N 57i Performance Induction Kit, you will see immediate results. The K&N 57 Series Air Intake replaces the restrictive factory air box with High-Flow air intake technology and a larger air filter, allowing more horsepower-boosting cold air flow to your engine. It will feel like a whole new beast is lurking under your hood.

The K&N 57i Performance Air Intake is designed specifically for your vehicle based on your engine's characteristics and the available space under the hood. This careful custom tuning gives you increased power throughout the entire RPM range. Plus, the larger air filter on the K&N 57 Series captures and holds more dirt than the stock filter, making it last up to 100,000 miles before cleaning. Cleaner air means better performance from your engine, as well as a longer lifespan overall. Plus, the K&N Air Filter is washable and reusable for the life of your vehicle.

Each K&N 57i Performance Induction Kit includes all the high-quality adaptors and mounting hardware you need for simple, bolt-on installation, and is backed by a 10-Year/Million-Mile Warranty.