Japanese-influenced designs, top-shelf materials, and road-proven engineering. That's the winning combination you find in Takeda Air Intakes from aFe. Takeda offers three different types of intakes that maximize your engine's power and torque - as well as add some chrome under the hood.

Depending on your vehicle, Takeda offers one of three intake designs. The Takeda Attack is Takeda's Cold Air style intake, which sits behind the front bumper to take in the coldest, densest air. The Takeda Retain is their Short Ram line, which boasts a quick and simple bolt-on installation without having to remove the front bumper. Some Retain intakes include a wrinkle black heat shield to prevent hot engine air from getting into the intake. And finally, the versatile Takeda Link is a cold air intake that easily converts to a short ram intake by simply removing the secondary tube.

Every Takeda Air Intake is crafted with a polished aluminum intake tube. Its clear anodized finish prevents rust and oxidation and maintains a show-ready finish. Takeda Air Intakes also include oil-free dry filters with Pro Dry S Technology. This 4-layer synthetic media is easier to clean than traditional foam and lasts for the lifetime of your vehicle. Attack and Link intakes also include a Takeda Pre-Filter to trap dust and particles .005" and larger before they get to the main filter. The Pre-Filter also repels water and mud for extra filter protection and efficiency.

Your Takeda Air Intake System is custom-designed and tuned for top performance with on your specific year, make, and model vehicle. It's also backed with a 2 Year Warranty against defects.