Get accurate temperature readings and stay safe with the Actron Pocket IR Thermometer. This non-contact thermometer features a compact, easy-to use-design that's perfect for measuring the surface temperature of the hard to reach components underneath your hood. Simply point the thermometer at the object and get the readout in seconds.

The Actron Pocket Thermometer is built of heavy duty plastic that stands up to hot and cold temperatures, and it features a high-powered scanner and an easy-to-read LED display so you can get the readings you need quickly without putting you in harm's way. For mechanics and do-it-yourselfers, this non-contact thermometer is perfect for measuring the temperature of your radiators and exhaust systems. It can also measure the surface temperature of your household appliances, too.

Actron Pocket Thermometer has a temperature range of -27º to 428º F. This non contact thermometer is backed by a Limited 1-Year Warranty.