Your full T-Top adds a new dimension to your boat, the enjoyment of which can't be over-estimated. Protect this extra versatility with a Trident Full T-Top Cover.

A universal fit provides your boat with weather-resistant, marine-grade polyester protection that won't shrink or stretch with repeated use. Everything you need to protect your boat is included in a package featuring two support poles, a repair kit and rope ratchet, and a braided tie-down rope for use with reinforced tie-down loops sewn into this cover's hem. Easy to install, the Trident Full T-Top Cover is designed to accommodate your boat's VHF anntennae, outrigger mounts, GPS, and fishing rod holders. Dual zippered entry for both port and starboard sides allows easy access to your boat when covered, and a built-in exterior strapping system allows for easy trailering.

Defend the enjoyment provided by your boat's T-Top with a Trident Full T-Top Cover. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty.