DBA's mid-level 4000 Series Rotors are designed for serious braking performance on the street or on the track. Their 6x6 wiper-slot rotor face is engineered for a clean disc surface with consistent friction and minimal fade. They even come equipped with Thermo-Graphic heat paint for quick, easy monitoring of your rotor temperatures.

The cross-section of DBA 4000 Series Rotors doesn't look like your every day vented disc. What you'd see is Disc Brake Austraila's patented "Kangaroo Paw" system - a complicated array of 144 pillars, arranged specifically to vent hot air quickly and provide superior structural stability. The Kangaroo Paws, combined with a directional 6x6 wiper slot design and Thermo Stability Profiling, give you a cool, clean rotor surface for supreme bite and long brake life. Finally, jet-black paint on the center of the rotor protects it from rust and corrosion and looks great in your wheel wells.

Your DBA 4000 Series Rotors are covered by the Disc Brakes Austraila 12-Month, 12,000-Mile Warranty.