It's time you added race-worthy braking to your street ride. DBA 5000XS Series Brake Rotors feature slotted and cross-drilled faces, patented "Kangaroo Paw" venting, and a distortion-resistant 2-piece design with reusable aluminum hats. The 5000XS series gives you the ultimate in braking performance to dominate the roads and highways.

Heat maintenance is at the heart of the 5000XS Rotor design. Thermo Stability Profiling helps the rotors handle racing levels of heat, while the cross-drilled and slotted face pattern vents hot gases for a cool, hard bite. Disc Brakes Australia's patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation system utilizes 144 specially-shaped pillars to send hot air darting out from the rotor for even better heat control and structural strength. You can even keep track of your rotor temperatures, thanks to Thermo-Graphic paint markings that change color as your rotors get hotter.

Choose from four striking anodized colors for your Alumalite hats - Black, Red, Blue or Gold. These custom colors will turn heads everywhere you go. Your DBA 5000XS Series Rotors are custom-designed to fit your specific vehicle and come with the Disc Brakes Australia 12-Month, 12,000-Mile Warranty.