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Power Stop Slotted Rotor

Power Stop Slotted Rotorenlarge
Power Stop
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  • Reduces brake fade by providing an escape path for gasses emitted from pads under extreme braking conditions
  • Each Power Stop Slotted Rotor is custom-built on state-of-the-art CNC mills for an OEM fit on your exact make & model
  • Power Stop Slotted Rotors pass water and friction dust through their slots for better wet-weather performance and cleaner rotor surface area
  • Double disc grinding allows both sides of the rotor to be even and free from runout and taper
  • Built with pride in the USA
  • Backed by a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty

If there's one thing that destroys braking performance, it's excess heat. Heat is caused by several factors, including gas, dust, and high friction. Power Stop Slotted Brake Rotors are specially designed to minimize these factors, providing a cooler and therefore more effective braking surface.

The ventilated design on PowerStop Slotted Rotors lowers braking temperatures by up to 80 degrees compared to stock rotors. Slots on the rotor face provide a cleaning action that wipes away hot gas and brake debris. By keeping your friction surfaces clean, Power Stop Slotted Rotors improve pad bite and minimize the chance of brake fade. This enhanced performance is great for heavy-duty applications like towing and hauling.

Equip your ride with reliable stopping power with Power Stop Slotted Rotors. They're made in the USA and backed with a 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty.

Power Stop Slotted Rotor Customer Reviews

Connie who drives a Ford F-100
I had very good recommendations on these rotors and have been very happy with them in the months since I put them on. The races were pre-installed which made putting the bearings in SUPER easy. Very nice surprise!! I paired them with their Z36 Truck & Tow pads, used the seating procedure from their website and haven't had a problem one. I'd definitely display their sticker had they sent me one!
badrotor who drives a Mazda RX-7
These slotted rotors out perform the stock crossdrilled rotors 10 to 1. i used to have to take breaks to let the brakes on the car cool down. now i can run hard all day and never worry about brake fade.