When you need to protect your vehicle from sun and heat, why not go with the highest-rated cover around? That's exactly what you'll get with the Covercraft Evolution Cab Cooler: top-of-the-line UV protection.

These cab coolers are custom-designed to fit over the top of your truck or SUV's cab. They block the sun and heat from entering through your windshield or windows, protecting your interior from fading while also keeping interior temperatures down. Evolution fabric features a maximum UPF rating and superior construction to fight off the sun better than any other cab cooler. Better still, the Covercraft Evolution Cab Cooler fits easily to your vehicle, attaching via hook-and-loop fasteners around your side view mirrors, over your door handles, or connected to your wheel wells, depending on the vehicle. Easy to use and easy to store, these cab coolers are the perfect way to keep your truck cool when the sun is blazing hot.

Don't leave your truck susceptible to the effects of brutal sun and heat. Protect your truck, and protect yourself, with the Covercraft Evolution Cab Cooler. Backed by a 4-Year Warranty.