Keeping the sun out of your truck's cab shouldn't also risk its paint job. Provide a soft touch when fighting off heat and UV rays with the Covercraft Flannel Cab Cooler.

These truck cab coolers provide defense against the sun's UV rays, keeping them out of your truck cab and off your seats and upholstery. This means that your seats won't be blazing hot nor your cab difficult to breathe in after spending a long day working outside. The soft touch of a Covercraft Flannel Cab Cooler is so light on your paint job that you won't risk scratching or scuffing it when using or removing this cover. These cab coolers are also easy to use, with hook-and-loop fasteners that stretch around the door handles, side view mirrors, or front wheel wells (depending on  your vehicle). It also folds up compactly for easy storing.

Guard against the sun and UV rays without putting your paint job at risk when you use a Covercraft Flannel Cab Cooler. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty.