Don't let your precious vehicle get ravaged by heavy weather and birds doing target practice. The Coverking SilverGuard Car Cover is tough enough for all-around use, yet is soft and gentle on your paint. It's an excellent general use car cover for most climates.

The Coverking Silver Guard Car Cover is crafted from a 300 denier woven polyester material that is heavy and strong so it won't rip easily. The SilverGuard features a unique coating that guards your vehicle in two ways. First, it's water resistant, protecting your finish from rain and other hazards like sap and animal droppings. Second, it's reflective, so it effectively blocks sunlight and prevents excessive heat build-up. The Coverking SilverGuard material is also semi-breathable, allowing moisture that does get between the cover and your finish to evaporate. The Coverking Silver Guard Car Cover is soft to the touch, so as long as your vehicle is clean when the cover is applied it won't get scratched.

Every Coverking SilverGuard Car Cover is full custom-made to the contours of your exact vehicle. Coverking uses state-of-the-art computer-aided design technology to ensure an ultra-precise fit with the fewest seams possible. Fewer seams means a tighter fit, smoother looks, and minimal possibility of leaking or failing seams. All Coverking Car Cover materials are tested and OEM approved for safety and compatibility with all automotive paints and clear coats.

Your Coverking SilverGuard Car Cover is made with pride here in the USA and is backed with a 1-Year Warranty.