Give your vehicle superior protection against heavy weather, dust, and bombastic birds. the Wolf Block-It 380 Car Cover is made from a unique 3-layer material that shields your finish from outdoor hazards. It's easy to use and is available for most vehicle types and sizes.

The key to the Wolf Block-It 380 Car Cover's performance is its unique 3-layer fabric. This fabric features an inner and outer layer of spunbond fabric that is tough enough to stand up to acid rain, tree sap, and industrial pollutants yet soft enough to sit gently on your vehicle without scratching or scuffing your paint. The middle layer is a new Kimberly-Clark film barrier fabric that is perforated with microscopic holes. These holes are smaller than most dust particles and water droplets, but are just large enough to let moisture and condensation vapors to escape from under the cover. These holes also let heat vent out, preventing heat buildup that can damage your finish and interior trim.

The Wolf Block-It 380 Car Cover is available for several vehicle types, from cars to full-size SUVs and everything in between. Simply measure your vehicle and choose the right cover for you. Your Wolf Block-It 380 Car Cover is backed with a 3-Year Warranty.