Your vehicle's cargo area probably gets a lot of traffic from messy sources like pets, plants, and of course the kid's football gear. Moving these loads can quickly turn your cargo area's carpet into a disaster area that's beyond repair. Don't ruin your investment with daily hauling - keep it protected with a Lund Catch-All Premium Cargo Mat!

The Lund Catch-All Premium series features thick OEM-style nylon carpeting that perfectly matches the color of your interior. This material is protected with a stain-resistant material that keeps spills and mud from sinking into the mat. Cleaning your treated Cargo Mat is as easy as hosing it off and hanging it to dry. The mat is then backed with a heavy-duty moisture-resistant barrier that further prevents liquids from getting through the mat and into the factory carpet. The outer molded edge is raised, keeping mud and liquids from spilling off the mat.

Don't let your messy cargo ruin your investment - get the full protection of a Lund Catch-All Premium Cargo Mat!