Your Hummer or Range Rover looks great, but a little extra shine on your doors won't hurt anything. In fact, DefenderWorx Chrome Door Handles will add sizzling style to your ride.

It could not be easier to add these chrome handles to your vehicle. Custom-designed and machine-cut from high-quality billet aluminum, you can be absolutely positive that your DefenderWorx Chrome Door Handles will fit your SUV. Every handle's chrome plating adds style that won't rust or corrode, and these handles install easily thanks to 3M vehicle adhesive. In no time flat, you'll have the sparkling additions your Range Rover or Hummer so richly deserves.

Style means different things to different people, but the fact remains that it is important. Get a handsome upgrade for your vehicle thanks to DefenderWorx Chrome Door Handles. Backed by a 4-Year Warranty.