A dash of extra style here and there can do wonders for your vehicle's presentation. Make your ride shine while you cruise in the most DIY way possible with ICI U-Cut Universal Trim.

A wonderful addition to any car or truck, these chrome trim overlays are made of durable ABS plastic that is resistant to UV rays and won't scratch easily. Sold in universal lengths, you can cut each piece to the specific length necessary for your vehicle. All ICI U-Cut Universal Trim pillar posts and gas caps will come in the same sizes, but you can choose the perfect width rocker panels, from 5" to 8", for your vehicle. Once you've made your selections, this universal chrome trim is a breeze to install thanks to extra-strength 3M vehicle adhesive that is guaranteed to maintain firm attachment for years to come.

Flex a little extra style muscle with your vehicle. Cut it yourself and hook up a flashy look that shines when you deck your car or truck out with ICI U-Cut Universal Trim. Backed by a 3-Year/36,000 Mile Warranty.