You love the way your ride looks, and you're determined not to let bugs, dirt, road debris, or rocks scuff up and chip your front end. That's why you need Husky Liners Paint Guards.

It's a simple process that yields big results. Spray the adhesive solution onto the front of your ride above your grille and lay the thin urethane film atop it. Make sure everything is in place, smooth out any air bubbles, allow it to dry, and voila! Husky Liners Paint Guards prevent anything from damaging and prematurely aging your ride's front end, and they do so in a manner consistent with the custom style lines of your car or truck. Unlike a bug guard, these hood guards work with your vehicle's design without changing it in any way. Buy your first one with the Installation Kit, and then you'll be set for each subsequent guard you purchase.

Keep your ride's style in the best condition possible. A set of Husky Liners Paint Guards keeps it safe from harm. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty.