Stampede Snap-Inz Sidewind Deflectors are some of the easiest-to-install window deflectors on the market. Their new advanced design secures right into the window channel without putting tape on any painted surfaces. The end result is a seamless natural look that perfectly fits your window.

Stampede Snap-Inz Sidewind Deflectors act as a rain gutter to keep rain from blowing into your windows. Their design maintains the aerodynamics of your body style and deflects annoying high-speed winds. These deflectors create an airplane wing-like effect, forming a low pressure area underneath that sucks stale air out from the inside.

Your Stampede Snap-Inz Sidewind Deflectors come in a dark Smoke finish and are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Note: Snap-Inz Deflectors do not require putting tape on painted surfaces, but some minor taping in the window channels may be required.