Don't waste time and money doing little piecemeal upgrades here and there. Set your diesel rig up with the Banks Six-Gun Bundle and maximize your performance across the board all at once. The Banks Six-Gun Bundle includes everything you need to take your exhaust, intake, and engine tuning up the next level for sport and race-worthy power, torque, and efficiency.

Every Banks Six-Gun Bundle is custom-tuned and custom-assembled to match your exact year, make, and model diesel rig. Each kit comes with the Banks Ram-Air Filter and Monster Exhaust System and Muffler, as well as a Banks Six-Gun Tuner to coax the best possible performance out of these upgrades. Depending on your vehicle, the kit may also include the Banks Ram-Air Intake, TransCommand, and Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator. Depending on your vehicle, you'll have gains up to 156 HP and 385 foot-pounds of torque, as well as longer engine life and better fuel economy.

Your Banks Six-Gun Tuner includes all the mounting hardware you need as well as comprehensive illustrated instructions for mechanics or do-it-yourselfers. The Six Gun Tuner and Ram-Air Intake are backed with 2- and 5-Year Warranties respectively, and the Banks Monster Exhaust and Ram-Air filter are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.