Equip your rig with the power you need for heavy hauling, hefty towing, and hard playing. The Banks Stinger Bundle does away with your inefficient factory parts and replaces them with custom-engineered performance parts. All the power-boosting upgrades you need come in one budget-friendly kit.

Don't worry about matching your intake, exhaust, and tuner to each other and your vehicle. The tuning and testing masters at Gale Banks Engineering have already done the work for you. Simply choose your vehicle and the Banks Stinger System will contain every custom-tuned parts you need for optimized performance. Depending on your vehicle, these parts may include the Banks Monster Exhaust and Ram-Air Intake System, EconoMind Tuner, IQ Dashboard PC, and more.

Your truck will tow harder, haul heavier, and cruise more efficiently with the Banks Stinger System. You'll see gains of up to 92 HP and 219 ft. lbs. of torque (gains depend on vehicle). Best of all, the Banks Stinger Kit costs less than if you were to buy each part individually, so you can afford even more toys for your rig.