Disturb the Peace! The Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler is the loudest offering in the brand's exhaust line. Its custom-tuned, short-body design is made to let out a monstrously ripping tone that'll be heard throughout the whole neighborhood. It's the sound that has earned Cherry Bomb the right to say they've been disturbing the peace since 1968.

Cherry Bomb builds your Extreme Muffler from aluminized steel with 100% welds to keep it all together. Its non-reversible flow design maximizes your flow for even better performance out of your muscle car. The Extreme Muffler is topped off with a gray finish. The unique wing plate design deflects and diverts annoying high frequency sounds while letting out the intimidating growl you crave. Best yet, the Extreme Muffler is available in a wide range of inlet and outlet sizes and locations, so you can find the muffler to fit your ride without excessive modifications.

If you want to wake up the neighbors and intimdate other drivers, install a Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler and let your engine roar!