Make your vehicle sound less like a Weed Wacker and more like a high-performance automobile with a Heartthrob Flowpack Muffler. The angry snarl of these Heartthrob Mufflers gives your vehicle an undeniable presence, both on the track and on the road.

The Heartthrob Flowpack Muffler is developed and built by an experienced team that's received props from just about everybody in the industry, including Speed TV's "Two Guys Garage". The Heartthrob Flowpack Muffler comes in two different materials, either budget-friendly aluminuminized steel or the supreme strength and rust-resistance of 100% stainless. Both are made with only the highest quality materials and tested for superior performance. Plus, these mufflers come in a variety of sizes for a right-on custom fit.

Make your engine roar while burning up the track with a Heartthrob Flowpack Muffler. Made in the USA and backed with a 1-Year Warranty.