A loud exhaust note can provide an unnecessary distraction for racers. With the Heartthrob Race Muffler, you can tone down the noise of your vehicle without hindering exhaust flow. These race mufflers maintain optimal power at top speeds with only minimal restriction upon initial acceleration. By cutting down noise and vibration in the cab, the Heartthrob Exhaust Race Muffler helps drivers keep focused on the finish line.

The Heartthrob Race Muffler is perfect for circle track racers that want a quieter ride, and they're also an excellent choice for high performance vehicles in need of a street-friendly sound. These performance mufflers come in two different styles, Straight or Turndown. Heartthrob Turndown Race Mufflers are available in Painted Steel, as well as Aluminized Steel. The Straight Race Mufflers are equipped with a spiral louvered core with high temp fiberglass packing, making them unlike any performance muffler on the market.

When it's time to show what your vehicle is made of, it's time for a Heartthrob Race Muffler. Made in the USA and backed by a 1-Year Warranty.