Bolt on a Magnaflow Exhaust System, and fasten your seat belt. Magnaflow's top-shelf 409 Stainless Steel exhaust systems give you significant power and performance gains, with a throaty growl and no annoying harsh noise. Plus, it bolts to factory locations to keep your ride 50-state street legal.

Whether you use your vehicle for ripping up the racetrack or hauling lumber to the job site, Magnaflow's Exhaust Systems bring you the performance you need. Expect substantial gains in horsepower (3-23 HP) and torque (6-28 lbs.) , as well as a better feel under the pedal. Magnaflow achieves this by using 20% less bends than your stock exhaust and utilizing mufflers with a steel mesh core that keeps an optimal temperature for ideal flow of exhaust gasses. As well, half-inch overlapping MIG welds in your MagnaFlow Exhaust System make for tight, leak-free seals on every joint. The mufflers come packed with dense sound-absorbing material to filter out the excessive noise and vibrations you get from other exhaust systems.

MagnaFlow custom exhaust systems are engineered to your specific year, make, and model, ensuring a perfect fit and fine-tuned performance for your gas or diesel vehicle. Your new MagnaFlow Exhaust bolts right up to your vehicle in 1-2 hours with no drilling, cutting, or welding, and maintains your emissions to stay 50-state smog legal. Most mufflers are mirror-finish polished stainless steel, and most kits include polished stainless exhaust tips for a slick finished look.

Magnaflow backs your performance Exhaust System with a Lifetime Warranty.