Sometimes, a brand gets hugely popular for the right reason. Magnaflow's Polished Stainless Steel Universal Mufflers lead the pack with great performance, pleasing sound, show-quality looks, and reliable durability.

These mufflers feature top-quality stainless steel construction throughout for maximum durability. The steel is polished to an extreme shine and put together with smooth welds, resulting in a muffler that is built to last as much as it's built to impress. Magnaflow Polished Stainless Steel Mufflers couple these great looks with a finely-tuned, great exhaust sound. The tuned note will be just louder than your stock exhaust for a signature performance sound without overbearing noise. Furthermore, the Magnaflow Universal Muffler's round design is made to fit almost any exhaust system. Simply pick the inlet/outlet diameters and configuration and you're good to go!

Go with the best because, after all, they are the best. Your Magnaflow Universal Polished Stainless Steel Muffler is built to look great and last long. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.