Clean up your emissions while adding power with a Magnaflow Manifold Catalytic Converter. The 49-state street legal Magnaflow Direct-Fit Manifold Converter is designed for supreme exhaust flow, heat dispersion, and quick installation. Plus, its 100% Stainless Steel construction ensures a long, rust-free life.

Your Magnaflow 49-State Direct Fit Manifold Converter is built for serious durability. The oxidation-resistant stainless steel body is ribbed for high strength, while the ribbed heat shield adds stability to the structure and protects it from high temperatures under the hood. The body is seam welded close to the converter body, providing a strong bond that keeps it from getting loose or shifting. Plus, every joint is 1/2" overlapped for totally leak-free performance. The Magnaflow Manifold Converter's catalyst uses a monolithic honeycomb design. The ceramic has a maximized surface area, which cuts down on restrictions for excellent flow and increased power. The heat shield protects the catalyst from heat, as well as manages EGTs for even better flow and performance.

Your Magnaflow 49-State Direct Fit Manifold Cat Converter is designed to bolt right onto your specific year, make, and model vehicle, often without any cutting or fabricating required. Get the power you need with a Magnaflow Manifold Catalytic Converter!

Note: Not legal for street use in California.