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Park Smart Clean Park Protector Strips

Park Smart Clean Park Protector Strips
Park Smart
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  • Our Price: $39.55- 99.94
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Vinyl Protector Strips

  • Use your snow chains or cleated tires without ruining your Garage Mat thanks to Park Smart Clean Park Protector Strips
  • Thick, durable vinyl protection for your Park Smart Garage Mat and other specialty garage flooring
  • 50 mm thick vinyl specially-designed to handle rivets and cleats from snow chains and tires
  • Available in 7.5' or 20' lengths; 23" wide
  • Sold in pairs

The Park Smart Garage Mat is not designed to be used with snow chains and cleated snow tires. Pick up a set of Park Smart Clean Park Protector Strips, however, and you're good to go.

These vinyl protector strips rest over top of your Park Smart Clean Park Garage Mat to provide a barrier between the mat itself and your winter weather chains and tires. These tough 50 mm thick strips absorb any and all damage your snow chains and snow tires would otherwise cause to the mat, preserving it during those particular moments when you need to call in the heavy artillery. As easy to install as they are tough, two different lengths of these 23" wide Park Smart Clean Park Protector Strips lay flat atop your mat and can be easily aligned with your tires. Even if you don't have a Park Smart Mat, these protector strips protect any other specialty garage flooring you may have.

Attack winter however you need to without ruining your garage mat or flooring. Park Smart Clean Park Protector Strips open your options for safe winter travel.

Note: These strips are designed to take a beating so your mat doesn't have to, and so are offered without warranty by Park Smart. Inspect your strips frequently to ensure that they are in good and proper condition to protect your garage flooring.