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Park Smart Double-Sided Tape & Vinyl Adhesive

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Park Smart
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Oatey X-15 Vinyl Adhesive

  • Part #: 71015


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24 Ft. Vinyl Backer

  • Part #: 71022


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Rhino Grip Double Sided Tape

  • Part #: 71550
  • Ensure that you can lay down your new flooring to your exact preference with Park Smart Rhino Grip Tape & Vinyl Adhesive
  • Rhino Grip Carpet Tape: double-sided installation tape for anchoring mats or flooring to one place
  • Oatey X-15 Bonding Adhesive: connects seams on vinyl mats to extend and combine different mats to fit any space
  • 24' Vinyl Backer: makes a waterproof seal behind every set of connected mats and flooring
  • For installing and connecting Park Smart garage flooring

Your Park Smart flooring system is almost complete right out of the box, but you'd like to make some changes. Do so easily, and get the exact flooring you want, with Park Smart Rhino Grip Tape & Vinyl Adhesive.

These various adhesives help install your new garage flooring with no-slip durability. Rhino Grip Carpet Tape features double-sided, super-strong adhesive for keeping your mats in place. Oatey X-15 Bonding Adhesive allows you to connect different pieces of Park Smart Garage Flooring to make one larger piece to fit your space. Back up the new seam created with Vinyl Backer and you'll enjoy a waterproof seal that won't leak or allow liquid to seep through.

If you'd like to make some changes to your Park Smart mat system, we completely understand. You'll just need the proper selection from Park Smart Rhino Grip Tape & Vinyl Adhesive to finish the job.