Propping your vehicle up can be a daunting and dangerous process, but it's much easier and safer with the help of Race Ramps Wheel Cribs. These Wheel Cribs provide full unobstructed access to the underside of your car, and unlike basic jacks they keep it level - ideal for jobs like changing your oil. Each crib holds 25"-30" tires and lifts your ride 8, 10, or 12 inches off the ground.

Race Ramps Wheel Cribs are available in adjustable and non-adjustable designs. Adjustable cribs come in two-piece designs, letting you lift in smaller increments if desired. All Race Ramps Wheel Cribs are made with the same patented construction and materials that made Race Ramps famous. The material is strong enough to support up to 3,000 pounds per set, yet each crib only weighs 5 pounds. The textured outer surface provides a no-slip grip on any driveway or garage floor, and it will never scratch or damage your flooring. Best yet, unlike metal ramps and jacks, Race Ramps Wheel Cribs will never rust or corrode.

Make simple work out of getting under your vehicle with a set of Race Ramps Wheel Cribs. Sold in pairs. Race Ramps Wheel Chocks are required to safely ramp and jack your tires onto the Wheel Cribs.