UV rays and extreme temperatures can cause cracking and fading of your leather seats and dashboard, not to mention make your interior unbearably hot. If you park your vehicle in the sun, guard it from heat and damage with an Intro-Tech Windshield Sun Shade. Intro-Tech Automotive tailors your Sun Shade to your exact vehicle for a perfect fit and maximum protection from heat and UV rays.

The Intro-Tech Windshield Sun Shade provides multiple layers of sun protection. Its outer metallic layer reflects the sun's rays, so they can't wreak havoc on your interior vinyl and leather. Under that, the multi-layer core provides insulation against extreme temperatures. With the Intro-Tech Windshield Sun Shade you can say goodbye to faded dashboards and sizzling hot steering wheels.

Don't let the sun cook your interior - keep your vehicle protected with the Intro-Tech Windshield Sun Shade. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.