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Bestop Jeep Tailgate Bar

Bestop Jeep Tailgate Barenlarge
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  • The Bestop Jeep Tailgate Bar seals your Jeep interior from the elements
  • Slides into existing loops on your Jeep soft top's rear window
  • The Bestop Jeep Tailgate Bar locks into place when you zip the rear window shut, providing a seal from rain, debris, and the elements
  • Keeps the rear of your Jeep interior dry
  • Minor drilling required for installation
  • Fits '97-'10 Jeep Wranglers
  • 1-Year Warranty

If you drive your soft top-equipped Wrangler in the rain, you probably end up with water seeping in through the back window. Don't let that happen to you again - equip your Jeep soft top with a Bestop Jeep Tailgate Bar. This bar makes a tight seal between your soft top's rear window and the tailgate, keeping the elements out.

Installing the Bestop Jeep Tailgate Bar takes about 45 minutes. The two included tailgate retainer mounts screw onto the tailgate, and the Tailgate Bar slides into the retainer mounts. When you zip up your rear window the Bestop Jeep Tailgate Bar seals up with the tailgate to block rain, snow, dust, and other debris.

Keep the elements out of your Jeep with a Bestop Jeep Tailgate Bar. Backed with a 1 Year Warranty.

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Excellent perfect fit, love it.

Install Time: 30-60 minutes