Enjoy the coverage of a soft top and the fun of a convertible. The Bestop Trektop Jeep Top is designed with a canopy that instantly rolls open to let the sun shine in. It's a great way to get the most fun out of your Jeep in the summertime.

Your Bestop Trektop is custom-made from OE premium-quality fabric with a Black Diamond finish. The fabric is treated with UV inhibitors to fight off fading, and it's also mildew resistant for a long life. The Bestop Trektop also holds its shape in all temperatures so you won't have a sagging or stretching top.

Don't be worried about an intense installation process - the Bestop Trektop doesn't require any bows so it installs quickly and painlessly. It even includes tinted windows, door surrounds, and a rear curtain. Your bestop Trektop is backed with a 2 Year Warranty.