HID lights are among the brightest on the market today, but the external housing of most HIDs makes them cumbersome and awkward. Solve this problem and get the right lights for your needs with a KC Hilites Internal Ballast HID Light Kit.

First, choose the particular beam you want from either spread-beam Driving Lights or pencil-beam Long Range lights. Once you've decided on the right type of light, buy a full KC Hilites Internal Ballast HID Light Kit that features two lights and the wiring harness, or buy the lights individually to replace or upgrade your existing system (separate wiring harness purchase required for individual lights). Each HID bulb features an extraordinarily bright 3500 lumens (35w) projected from 8" black composite Polymax housing, with precision polished reflectors shining through durable Lexan lenses. These driving & off-road light kits come with adjustable mounting brackets and stylish ABS stone guards. They are easy to install and a breeze to wire.

Don't accept the limitations of the HID format. Choose convenience alongside brilliantly shining light with a KC Hilites Internal Ballast HID Light Kit. Backed by a 23-Year Warranty.