The first choice of police officers and firefighters, the Wolo Infinity Light Bar provides vehicles with unparalleled visibility in emergencies and inclement weather. These emergency vehicle light bars feature a maintenance-free design that's tough enough to handle any situation. Plus, Infinity come in 3 models: the Infinity 1 Flashing Light Bar, the Infinity 2 Flashing Light Bar, and the Infinity 3 Flashing Light Bar.

The Infinity 1 is equipped with heavy duty halogen rotating lights, as well as additional lights in the center and bottom sections of the bar. Vehicles in need of an attention grabbing strobe light bar should check out the Wolo Infinity 2 Light Bar. This emergency light bar comes equipped with 16 strobe bulbs that flash an impressive 1152 times per minute, as well as 2 alley lights and 6 flashing marker lights.

To provide your vehicle with trusty emergency light, check out the Infinity 3 LED Light Bar. The Infinity 3 is equipped with maintenance free LED lights that never burn out, as well as high powered marker, alley, and takedown lights.

The Wolo Infinity Flashing Light Bar features a stainless steel mount bar to keep your lights in place and looking great. All 3 emergency light bars come with their own control panel to give drivers the freedom to independently control the front, side, and bottom lights. This emergency light bar measures 48" X 12-1/2" X 9".