Improve your engine intelligence quotient with the Banks iQ Dashboard PC. The Banks iQ reads all of your engine's important stats and displays all the vitals you want to see on a large, clear touch screen. It gives you comprehensive engine information for any driving situation - and it even doubles as a portable PC and media player.

The Banks iQ Dashboard PC can be customized to show the exact stats you need, from a list that includes true speed, boost, RPM, EGT, and many more. It views and clears check-engine codes and can even alarm you when it senses dangerous engine conditions. When you want to test your vehicle the Banks iQ can time your 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile speeds, as well as your 0-60.

Your Banks iQ monitor also acts as a portable mini-PC. Its Windows CE core platform opens music and video files, and even views Microsoft Office documents. The 5" touch screen is crystal clear and easy to navigate, whether you're looking to tune your engine or just crank up some tunes.

Your Banks iQ Dashboard PC includes a suction cup mount for easy installation and is backed by Banks's 2-Year Warranty.