Edge Juice is one of the leading performance modules in the industry today. Outfit your ride with full-color, fully-adjustable performance control with an Edge Juice with Attitude CS or CTS.

Whatever you want to do, however you would like your engine to perform, this module can do it. Even better, now the Edge Juice works its magic with either color screen (CS) or color touch screen (CTS) monitors that allow you to easily see and manipulate performance parameters. Better gas mileage, more power, and increased drivability are but a few of the ways this Edge Juice with Attitude CS or CTS can change the nature of your engine for the better. Each Juice module retunes and reprograms your vehicle based on the information gathered by your Attitude monitor. These systems are easy to install and simple to use, able to be adjusted on-the-fly, and fully updatable with MyStyle software.

Retune your engine in ways that give you the best results for your particular driving style. View engine parameters and gauge performance in full-color with the Edge Juice with Attitude CS or CTS. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

Note: Edge Performance Monitors are designed to be used with Edge Performance Modules. They will not re-tune, re-program, or increase the power of your engine.