Stock performance is perfectly fine for the average driver, but that's not what you are, and that's not what you need. Get the most out of your engine with a Hypertech Interceptor Tuner.

This big-time performance tuner works with your engine's computer system to automatically give extra juice when extra juice is needed. It keeps track of your vehicle's parameters and recalculates for greater performance when needed. The Hypertech Interceptor Tuner is also super easy to install, mounting just beneath your hood and plugging directly into your vehicle's wiring harness. Once set up, you can count on quicker acceleration, improved MPGs, and as much as 33 extra horsepower and 40 more lbs.-ft. of torque. In other words, look out below!

Get the right power profile for your ride and never settle for less. The Hypertech Interceptor Tuner knows what you're after, and wants to give it to you. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.