Equip your vehicle with a Power Control Module (PCM) from Jet and release high-performance gains from your engine! Jet's dynamic spectrum tuning (DST) provides power gains across the entire power band, not just at full throttle. The Jet Performance Chips Power Control Module provides ignition advance, point-by-point air/fuel ratios, and gains of up to 25 horsepower. It also improves throttle response, acceleration, and your vehicles low-end torque.

Simply plug the unit in and follow easy step-by-step instructions, allowing you to see huge power and efficiency gains in under 30 minutes. Available in Stage 1 (for original stock engines) and Stage 2 (for modified motors with performance air intakes, headers, or performance exhaust systems). Even in modified vehicles, your Jet PCM adds incredible horsepower to your driving.

Your Jet Performance Power Control Module is legal in all 50 states and backed by a 2-Year Warranty.