It's important when driving with your beloved dog to properly secure the animal, for both the animal's safety and your own. Keep your pet secure in the most humane way possible by using the Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Harness.

Available in a wide variety of sizes to fit dogs of all shapes and weights, this harness fits around your dog's chest and back as opposed to the more sensitive neck area. Whether turning, braking, or in the event of an accident, this vehicle restraint will keep your dog safe in one place. An adjustable leash and tether allows for movement, and the webbing used in the Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Harness surpasses the S.A.E.'s standards for human safety belts. Veterinarians were consulted on this harness's design, and it can be left on all day, even when you aren't driving.

It's not safe to have your dog roaming about your vehicle when you drive. Protect your dog while safely driving your car, truck, or SUV by using the Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Harness. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty.