A working truck needs a toolbox, and yours helps you do more work than you might be able to otherwise. Sometimes, though, it can be a pain to reach. Give yourself some help with an AMP Research Bed Step 2.

A side-mounting truck step, the Bed Step 2 is specifically designed to allow you easier access to your truck toolbox. Attaching to either side of your bed just behind the cab, this bed step's hands-free operation lets you put it down or flip it up with your feet, no matter what is in your arms. Strong enough to support 300 lbs, the AMP Research Bed Step 2's reinforced composite step pad is linked to your truck with aluminum alloy arms connected by self-lubing bushings and stainless steel pivot points. What's more, you can count on quality construction since every one of these products is made in the United States of America.

Don't put up with a frustrating lack of access to your toolbox. Get into it, and get back to work faster, with the AMP Research Bed Step 2. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.