It seems pickup truck beds are getting taller and taller, making it harder to get into the bed. Add to that oversize tires and lift kits, and you'll need a springboard just to get up to the bed! Finally, a solution - the AMP Research BedStep, an ingenious bumper-mounted step that gives you easy access to the bed, no matter how tall.

Step right up into your bed with the AMP Research BedStep. All it takes is a little tap of the foot to deploy the step. When you're done, flip it back up. The BedStep Truck Bed Step stows up under the bumper and is nearly invisible when not in use. It utilizes precision bearing pins and rigid cast aluminum hinges for smooth operation, strong support, and a long life of maintenance-free service.

AMP Research designs the BedStep for flawless performance in any conditions. The whole step is anodized black and powder-coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for superior corrosion protection. Its glass-reinforced non-slip resin step pad offers a safe stepping surface even in the face of mud, rain, and snow. Best yet, it bolts on to your vehicle at existing mounting holes on your truck's bumper and frame in under 10 minutes. No drilling, no modifications.

Getting into and out of your truck bed shouldn't be a chore - bolt on an AMP Research BedStep for handy bed access. Backed with a 3-Year, 36,000-Mile Warranty.