Most manufacturers make you choose one or the other when it comes to nerf bars and running boards. You can have it both ways, taking advantage of the best each format has to offer, with ICI Nerf Running Boards.

A 3" stainless steel tube runs along the outside of each of these Innovative Creations running boards. After that, the choice is yours, between Aluminum or Stainless Steel extruded platforms. Extra reinforcement provides strength and durability, and full wheel-to-wheel length, regardless of application, brings convenience. Easily attach ICI Nerf Running Boards to your vehicle's factory mounting positions via E-coated mounting brackets and you are good to go with these versatile running board/side step hybrids.

Sometimes, you can have it all! Enjoy two great accessories in one when you purchase ICI Nerf Running Boards. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.