Westin Universal Saddle-Pad Oval Tube Step Bars are visibly similar in design to Westin's original Oval Tube but with four important differences. Saddle Pad Oval Nerf Bars sit snugly on top of the tube body with a higher, more robust appearance than the original steps. The Saddle-Pad is offered in polished stainless steel or Black Powder Coated mild steel. Capped ends give the bars a nice finished look. Aside from these differences, you get the same quality and effective design of Westin's original Oval Nerf Bars.

The Saddle-Pad's fourth difference isn't visible when installed, but is very important. A hidden track mounting system features a "C" coupling bracket plate which slides along the underside track. This means the Saddle Pad is mountable on virtually any frame's existing factory mounting holes, making it a uniquely universal application.

Universal doesn't mean poorly-designed. Give yourself and your truck a quality, universal nerf bar with Westin SaddlePad Oval Tube Step Bars. Backed with a 3-year Warranty on Black finish models, and a Lifetime Warranty on Polished Stainless models. Sold in pairs.

Note: Because every vehicle is different, your exact Westin Universal Saddle-Pad Oval Tube Step Bars may not look exactly as pictured. Certain features like bends, mounting locations, and end caps may vary slightly from the product descriptions. If you have any questions about Westin Universal Saddle-Pad Oval Tube Step Bars, feel free to call us at 800-663-1570.