Since the mid-1980s, Mustangs have become notorious for strut tower flex, which can lead to all manner of handling problems. Strengthen your 'Stang's front chassis and tighten everything up with a BBK Gripp Strut Tower Brace.

Precision-welded and hand-crafted, these braces dramatically improve your steering control to unleash greater performance from your vehicle. A stronger chassis makes for a smoother ride, and the BBK Gripp Strut Tower Brace works so well that Ford has begun fabricating these very tower braces into new Mustangs. Powder Coated for ultimate durability and longevity, these Mustang tower braces come with all the hardware necessary for an easy at-home installation.

Forget about tower flex and eliminate wobbling. Get the firm, true control you're looking for with the BBK Gripp Strut Tower Brace. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.