If you drive a gas RV, you know how much the end opposite its engine can sway as its body shifts from side to side. This effect is even worse when driving motorhomes with extended rear overhang and when passing large vehicles. Don't let this wag add extra stress to your long drive - keep it straight and true with a Blue Ox TigerTrak Stabilizer.

The Blue Ox TigerTrak RV Stabilizer is placed between your motorhome's frame and either the front or rear axle. It virtually eliminates nose or tail sway while allowing unhindered up/down spring motion for a smooth and stable ride. This added stability makes your coach easier to drive, with less white-knuckle moments and a more enjoyable ride.

Unlike inferior models that cut corners on materials, your Blue Ox RV Stabilizer is crafted from strong, premium metals for maximum stability. Plus, it installs with basic hand tools. You don't have to do any drilling or cutting, so your RV warranty remains intact.

Eliminate sway and put the fun back into your motorhome trips with the Blue Ox TigerTrak RV Stabilizer. Backed with Blue Ox's Lifetime Warranty.