While a certain amount of negative camber helps improve your traction, it can lead to excessive tire wear. The Eibach Alignment Camber Kit solves this problem by adjusting your vehicle's camber back to your factory specifications without sacrificing power and performance.

Designed to meet the needs of lowered vehicles, the Eibach Camber Kits provides your car with performance-oriented alignment and channels your negative camber to help you maximize your chassis' true potential. With the Eibach Alignment Camber Kit, your turn-in becomes more precise and your handling stays crisp and predictable. The Eibach Alignment Camber Kit also provides additional stabilitiy at high speeds, making it a essential upgrade for the serious performance tuner.

The Eibach Camber Kit is custom fit and tuned to your specific make, model, and year vehicle. These camber kits are backed by a 2-Year Warranty.