The Eibach Pro-Kit provides racetrack performance and handling for your streetvehicle. Built with Formula 1 Technology and Eibach's state-of-the-art spring system, the Eibach Pro drops your vehicle by up to 1.5" and lowers your center of gravity to give you a racing look to match your performance.

Body rolls and excessive nose-dive when braking are just a few of the things dropped vehicles deal with out on the road, but with the Eibach Pro Kit these every day inconveniences are history. Eibach Pro Kit Springs eliminate these issues and actually improves your ride quality and handling. Plus, they're precision engineered and built of corrosion-resistant materials to ensure your ride will run great for years to come.

The Eibach Pro Kit is tuned to your exact vehicle and track tested to ensure total quality and safety. Eibach Lowering Kits are backed by a Million-Mile Warranty and street legal in all 50 states.