The Eibach Pro-System-Plus adds roll bars to the high-performance Pro-System for total suspension dominance. Pro-System-Plus kits are designed by Eibach's team of suspension engineers and ride control experts to offer the best-possible street performance, but without sacrificing ride quality. The Pro-System-Plus is a precisely balanced combination of sport springs, bump-stops (secondary springs), dampers and anti-roll bars designed and tuned to operate as a complete performance suspension system.

Pro-System-Plus improves turn-in response, increases cornering speed and reduces body rollall while retaining excellent ride quality. Pro-System-Plus is the ultimate street performance suspension systema must for any true driving enthusiast. This is what Sport Compact Car said after road/track testing the AEM Ford Focus with Eibach Pro-System-Plus. "With the Eibach suspension, every last movement was damped out of existenceThe Eibach suspension was confidenceinspiring in virtually any situation(Its) one of the most well-sorted aftermarket suspensions weve ever encountered."

*Also available as a Sport-System-Plus, which includes Sportline lowering for the lowest possible drop and over the top handling