The Blue Ox Aventa LX Tow Bar takes towbar design to a new level. This rubbed steel bar features a ball-in-socket design with a spherical joint. This swiveling design gives the Aventa Towbar incredible flexibility and makes a more durable, strong, and long-lasting attachment than traditional bolted joints.

The cutting-edge Blue Ox Aventa Tow bar makes hookup simple. You don't even have to be perfectly aligned or parked on an even surface - the bar swivels around so you don't have to make a bunch of adjustments just to get hooked up. This bar features collapsible and extendable legs that are wrapped with rubber boots to protect them from debris and grime. Their offset triple lugs better align towing forces for a more reliable pull. Best yet, the Aventa Blue Ox Tow Bar is remarkably quick to connect and disconnect.

Your Blue Ox Aventa Class IV Towbar is rated to pull up to 10,000-pound vehicles and is backed with a 3-Year Warranty.